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The Team

The Australian Space Diversity Alliance is dedicated to transforming and extending the participation of diverse and minoritised groups in space. Our mission is to create a thriving and innovative space community that reflects the capability of the nation.

Through our initiatives, we aim to engage culturally and linguistically diverse groups, as well as promote gender diversity in the space sector. Join us as we work towards a more inclusive and dynamic space community for all.

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Our Story

The Australian Space Diversity Alliance (ASDA) was established by a collective of Australian space industry professionals united by a shared goal: to champion inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) in the space sector. Our mission is to foster greater participation and innovation by ensuring that the Australian space industry represents the full spectrum of capabilities and talent.

As the Australian space sector grows, we aim to build a foundation that embraces inclusion, diversity, equity and access principles, aligning with the rich history of space activities in Australia dating back to the 1960s. With the establishment of the Australian Space Agency in 2018 and the Defence Space Command in 2022, we believe the time is ripe for creating a more inclusive and dynamic space sector that reflects the diversity of our nation.

Meet The Team

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ASDA logo

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The Australian Space Diversity Alliance logo symbolises the brand’s story around connectivity.


“We come together to yarn about space”


This artwork depicts a yarning circle, a meeting place created for a collective of people to share their thoughts and ideas in a safe space where everybody is valued and heard. Yarning circles are a key element of Aboriginal culture and have been used for thousands of years. Yarning circles bring people together to help build respectful and appreciative relationships.


The keywords of space and diversity were chosen when creating this design. There is an inner ring of multicoloured u shapes depicting a diverse group of people coming together to yarn, they are being watched over by the Moon and the stars. Some of the stars in the outer ring reflect the multi colours of the people to show the appreciation and support of diversity from the Ancestors.


The logo was created as an original painting using acrylics on canvas. More of the artist’s work can be found on Instagram under Jirtamarra Art and Jirtamarra Photography.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – speak over 250 distinct languages stretching back for over 65,000 years. They are the oldest astronomers and the oldest continuing cultures in the world.

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