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Image by NASA

Our Charter 

The draft Charter of the Australian Space Diversity Alliance (ASDA) embodies the core principles and objectives of the organisation. 

The charter articulates ASDA's mission to advocate for inclusion, diversity, equity and access principles, increase participation of diverse groups, and ensure that the sector reflects the full spectrum of Australian capabilities and talent. It serves as a guide for ASDA's activities, guiding principles, and collaborative efforts within the space community

It is a draft Charter to inform discussion and act as a guide. It is intended to be ratified once ASDA is formally established. 

Our Prospectus 

The Prospectus outlines the value-add for supporting the initiatives of ASDA.


It explains why ASDA was formed and the call for action. It also outlines the proposed activities and initiatives.

Your sponsorship not only endorses these crucial principles but also contributes to a more innovative, collaborative, and effective space community.

Research consistently demonstrates that diverse workforces lead to greater innovation, better decision-making, and enhanced collaboration. By supporting ASDA, you are investing in a more inclusive and successful space sector. Join us in making a difference today.

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