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Helpful resources for education and awareness, and to support senior leaders to understand the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

State of the Industry Research

The industry faces intense competition for talent, highlighting several pathways to improve diversity and inclusion. 

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Opinion – Breaking Boundaries to Reimagine Space is Crucial 

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The Australian Government’s Pathway to Diversity in STEM Report

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How can we build capacity to advance gender equality in the space sector?

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The Business Case, Barriers and Bias in the Space Industry

What are the business benefits of diversity and inclusion? Greater productivity, more innovation, and higher employee retention. 

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Business Case for Diversity in Space

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Evidence Based Barriers and Responses to DEIA in the Space Industry

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Not just an acronym: DEI&A as a Continuous Integrated Process in Space and on Earth

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Inclusion Strategies

Deeply ingrained beliefs and attitudes can create challenges for underrepresented individuals and perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Helpful Resources

Creating safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces and more.

The Australian Space Diversity Alliance acknowledges the use of binary language in some of these resources. We recognise gender can be non-binary and our goal is to support the inclusion of all identities and intersectionalities in the space sector.

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